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Concealed Carry Courses 16
San Joaquin Co. & Calaveras Co. (8hr)
July 18-19, 2020




Welcome to FIRST RESPONSE, Firearms and Tactical Training! We provide training to Law Enforcement personnel, as well as private citizens. Our courses are designed from our real world experience in Law Enforcement, and from other realistic training that our instructors have researched and completed. 

We are a mobile training unit.  Our courses are held at indoor and outdoor ranges throughout regions in California.  We will bring courses to you to save you both travel time and expense. 


When confronted by a known or perceived threat, your initial processing of the situation is your first response, or reaction. How successful you are in this first response will be based on your levels of training and experience, either as a LE officer or a private citizen. A trained individual is more aware and is mentally prepared to handle a defensive encounter. Also, a trained individual will react properly in applying the various force options of personal defense.


The Mission of FIRST RESPONSE Firearms and Tactical Training is:

  • To provide the most comprehensive and realistic training to Law Enforcement personnel and the private citizen
  • To increase the proficiency and confidence of the LE officer in training, utilizing methods that have been proven successful in actual street encounters.
  • To train the private citizen on safe weapons handling, as well as recognize other force options for personal defense.
  • To train the private citizen on awareness, willingness, and preparedness for a defensive encounter.
  • To educate the private citizen on current laws regarding justifiable use of force, which includes lethal force.

            "Expect the unexpected, train for the unexpected." 


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